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Protect Your Vehicle's Catalytic Converter

This portal is the registration/search portal for your PIN2VIN catalytic converter theft prevention Label Solution. Once registered, the product identification number or “PIN” can be searched for the vehicle VIN it has been linked to.

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  • Report a stolen vehicle or part

    Has your catalytic converter or vehicle been stolen? Complete a form with your registered PIN to get your report added into the proper law enforcement database.

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  • Update an existing registration

    Has something changed since you registered your PIN previously? Send us your new information so that we can ensure your information is as up-to-date as possible.

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About Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

Even though the North American vehicle manufacturers are required to mark high value vehicle parts, catalytic converters did not have any identifying marks before 2022 on them from the factory. We can fix that using our ID theft prevention system.

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